A Career part

At Kci records, we have many opportunities for aspiring Artists, Producers, and Sound Engineers to follow their career part by joining the glorious KCI Records team. 

There’s room for investors with a clearly spelled out partnership agreement. This would take care of the duration of the partnership, how much the partner will invest, and the percentage rate of returns. The partner can invest in the record label or choose an artist or a particular project.

To Artists

Our artists must be Kingdom-minded, true worshippers must be talented and very committed to making a global impact with their music and life. Be willing to pay attention to details. 

There will be a documented contract agreement with each artist which will take care of the duration of the deal, investment plan, percentage distribution, duties, and rights. 

This agreement will differ from artist to artist depending on the party’s levels of involvement. Some artists may be required to bring their Masters for the label to run the promotions.

Some other artists may be produced by the label and as well run the promotion. Some artists can also invest in their projects. However our contracts will last from 5 years up the label would in some cases recoup 50% of the cost of promotion and(or) production before sharing benefits. 

However the artist who are members of The Kingdom Minds Mentors Club would be entitled to a 50% profit once their products start gaining returns while the organisation gets the other 50%.
It is also required as the belief of the Club is according to the book of Acts 2 verse 37 – 47 that the profiting Artist shares about 20% of her profits with members of his/her KMMC ROOM